New Kids Materials

 New Kids’ Fiction

book cover for Nightlights book cover for Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea book cover for 123 Dream book cover for Ada Twist Scientist cover for Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering cover for Baby Loves Quarks cover for Cleonardo book cover for Dog Man number 1 book cover for Dog Man Unleashed book cover for Footloose book cover for Going Wild book cover for I Don't Want To be Big book cover for I'm Going to Give you a Bear Hug book cover for Madeline Finn and the Library Dog book cover for Ninja Bunny Sister Vs Brother book cover for Owl Sees Owl book cover for Panda Pants cover for Pete the Cat Five Little Ducks book cover for Pete the Cat Snow Daze book cover for The Initiation, Lock and Key book number 1 book cover for The Iron Hand book cover for word of mouse puppy_pirates_number_5_search_for_the_sea_monster_book_cover the_great_big_paw_print_sophie_mouse_number_nine_book_cover garveys_choice_book_cover nine_ten_a_september_11_story_book_cover beacuse_of_thursday_book_cover cici_number_two_truth_in_sight_book_cover diary_of_a_wimpy_kid_double_down_book_cover duck_on_a_tractor_book_cover gerties_leap_to_greatness_book_cover god_bless_the_gargoyles_book_cover goodbye_summer_hellow_autumn_book_cover groovy_joe_ice_cream_and_dinosaurs_book_cover happiest_book_cover hungry_bird_book_cover king_baby_cover little_mouses_big_book_of_beasts_cover little_penguins_cover penguin_problems_cover pond_lamarche_book_cover snow_white_a_graphic_novel_cover stanleys_colors_cover stanleys_shapes_cover tangle_book_cover tek_the_modern_cave_boy_book_cover the_creeps_three_curse_of_the_attack_o_lanterns_cover the_poets_dog_book_cover the_secret_keepers_cover the_water_princess_cover

New Kids’ Non-Fiction

book cover for Toucans Newts book cover komodo dragons book cover Jaguars book cover Iguanas book cover Caribou book cover Capybaras book cover Beluga Whales Book cover Arctic Foxes book cover Anacondas book cover book cover for 50 Things You Should Know about Space book cover for 365 Things to Do with Lego Bricks book cover for The Amazing Book of Star Wars book cover for Awesome Lego Creations with Bricks you Already Have book cover for The Book of Heroes book cover for the Book of Heroines part of the book cover for Super Cool Tech book cover for Star Wars Rogue One the Ultimate Visual Guide prehistoric_masters_of_art_book_cover tractors_mega_machines_by_coppendale_book_cover STEAM_kids_book_cover what_in_the_world_is_a_mile_book_cover transportation_in_many_cultures_book_cover coding_bugs_and_fixes_from_kids_get_coding_book_cover birthdays_in_many_cultures_book_cover trucks_book_cover minecraft_medieval_fortress_book_cover nonfic_barefoot_book_of_children_cover  nonfic_coming_of_age_around_the_world_cover nonfic_dining_with_dinosaurs_cover