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Wish List


Your contribution is tax deductible if you give the funds directly to the Quarryville Library and then we purchase the items that you designate from the list below. We will accept any amount of funds and we thank you in advance for your consideration of our wishes. If you are interested in sponsoring an item on this page, please e-mail: library@quarryvillelibrary.org


A Computer Training Lab

Currently we need to borrow laptops from another library to offer computer classes at our location. Laptops would permit us to offer more classes and provide hands-on training to the public. A complete lab with ten laptops and appropriate accessories will cost around $7,000.


Donate a NEW book

We always welcome donations of NEW bestsellers and/or popular titles! This aids in getting state funding each year.


Donate a new ipad or Nook HD e-reader

We are pleased to be able to provide iPads to our younger patrons while they are in the library and to be able to circulate Nook e-readers to all our patrons that they can take out of the library.  However, electronics have a short lifespan when they are used by many different people and the demand of our devices is at an all time high.  We welcome any donations of new iPads or new Nook e-readers that will help keep these programs going.


DVD Wish List

Our DVDs sometimes get damaged beyond repair, and we donít always have enough money budgeted to replace them.  Please click on the Amazon link below for an updated list of DVDs that need to be replaced.

{amazon wish list}


Picnic Tables

Who doesn't enjoy spending time outside on the perfect spring, summer, or fall day and we are lucky to have such lovely scenery around our library. Have you got a friend of family member who is an outdoor lover?  Surprise them with a picnic table in their honor! We're looking for hexagon shaped picnic tables made of recycled plastic, like the ones seen here.


Magazine Subscriptions

Please send a monetary donation to the Quarryville Libraryand specify the magazine and/or newspaper you would like the library to subscribe to. 

Please drop off or send checks directly to:

Quarryville Library

357 Buck Road

Quarryville, PA 17566


Help us replace the roof and our HVAC system

Our beloved building is more than decade old and more than few aspects of it are ready for repair.  Make a donation to help us fund these huge expenses and keep our facility safe!

Metal roof repair estimated at $30,000

HVAC replacements estimated anwhere between $50,00 and $120,000

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