Civic & Social Literacy

How is civic and social literacy defined?

Engaging in discourse while remaining respectful of other individuals of varying opinions; understanding the importance of community engagement which allows individuals to interact with one another, in a participatory manner; invoking societal change.

Some of our programs that fall into this category include:

  • Knitting & Crocheting Group
  • Family Movie Night
  • Teen Anime Club
  • Crochet 101
  • Mid-Day Matinee
  • Teen Board Gaming
  • Six American Political Assassins
  • Lego® Block Party
  • Folding with Friends – an origami event for kids!
  • Haunted Lancaster
  • Pumpkin Parade!

Other resources:

  • Preschool kits and backpacks exploring cultural concepts to help young children understand and process as they grow, such as taking walks, doing laundry, going shopping, personal safety, empathy, bullying, making friends, and more.