Amending America Coming to

Amending America: The Bill of Rights. A Logo featuring three faces in profile.From our Family Museum Pass Partner

An exciting exhibition is coming to from June 16 – August 11, 2018. We’re bringing the nationally-recognized travelling exhibition by the National Archives, Amending America: The Bill of Rights, to for a limited time summer run. Amending America: The Bill of Rights spotlights one of the most remarkable periods in American history, explores the origins of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (collectively known as the Bill of Rights), and illustrates how each amendment protects U.S. citizens. It contains document reproductions, videos, and interactives that let visitors guess at how many times an amendment has been proposed or “vote on” potential amendments.

Library Family Museum Pass holders will be able to utilize their pass to also view Amending America (the pass will still be able to be used for General Admission, which includes a tour of Wheatland).

Find out more about this traveling exhibition on the website.