Announcing: the Winners of the Summer Art Showcase!

The judges met on Friday, August 5th, to decide the winners for this year’s Summer Art Showcase. The competition was fierce, with the pool composed of 7 entries in the under 12 category, 9 entries in the teen category, and 6 entries in the adult category. After careful discussion, the judges have chosen the following  winners:

Child (age under 12)

monopoly Jenkins SAS

Dreamer SAS









(from left to right)

First: Blake Jenkins for her entry, “Monopoly” (pencil and colored pencil on paper).

Second: Lauren Yoder for her entry, “Dreamer” (marker on paper).

Honorable Mention: Olianna Oravitz for her entry, “Untitled” (paint on paper).

Teen (ages 13-19)



Qville Library








(from left to right)

First: Mindy Jo Beiler, for her entry, “Skullflower” (graphite on paper).

Second: Julia Anastasio, for her entry, “Untitled (Anime Girl)” (colored pencil on paper).

Honorable Mention: Kelly Callahan, for her entry, “Quarryville Library” (acrylic on canvas).

Adult (age 20+)



abstract shapes








(from left to right)

First: Donald Raugh, for his entry, “Marigolds” (copper and wood sculpture).

Second: Randi Kennedy, for her entry, “Winter” (beaded necklace and earring set).

Honorable Mention: Kris Fernandez, for her entry, “Abstract Shapes” (colored pencil on paper).


The winners were announced at the reception on Friday evening, and the art will remain on display until August 13th.

Thank you to all the entrants: you helped make this program a HUGE success and the judges had a very difficult time choosing the winners!