100 books we like to recommend for teens and tweens

The following reviews are from Aaron Yang, notable library patron and supporter from California!

The Night Country by Melissa Albert

Alice and Finch have a unique relationship. They go on a wild adventure exploring the night country and experience many things. This book was a fun fantasy read and I would recommend this to fans of fantasies and thrillers.
The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord 
Lucy Hansson has a wild summer where she experiences romance, secrets, and many others. She learns many things that change her life in unexpected ways. This book was a great summer read and very romantic. I loved the suspenseful moments. I would recommend this book to fans of romance.
Nightshade by Anthony Horowitz 
This book was a fun read that followed Alex Rider on another mission. He goes to discover the organization Nightshade and experiences many things along the way. Reluctant readers will want to read and crave for more because it is always fun to follow Alex on his adventures. I loved the suspenseful moments and recommend this book to fans of suspense and thrillers.