Canceled Summer Reading Programs Rescheduled

We are pleased to announce that the two canceled Summer Reading Programs–Let’s Get Physical by the North Museum and Sink Your Teeth into Science by CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health–have both been rescheduled!

North Museum logoLet’s Get Physical
will take place on Wednesday, October 5 @ 10 am. Here is a description of the program:
Join the North Museum for an interactive hour of science! Your body relies on electrical signals to make your heart beat, send messages from your eyes to your brain, to feel, all of your synapses. Learn how a balloon reacts to different materials. How does it become negatively charged? Do opposites attract? Can our bodies complete a circuit and what’s that called? Find out the answers to these questions, and more! Registration Recommended.
Best for children in grades K—6 (ages 5-11).


CHI St. Joseph's Health logoSink your Teeth into Science will be held on Thursday, October 13 @ 4 pm. Here is a description of the program:
Need to do more to satisfy the cravings of curious young minds? With our 60-minute program, kids whet their appetites with the best practices in oral hygiene. They will feast on activities that allow them to explore, observe, and test why brushing, flossing, and eating well are healthy habits. Guaranteed, every participant leaves with a bag of tasty treats and a smile on their face! Registration required, limit 25.
Best for children ages 8-12 years.

Please register by contacting Randi Kennedy, Youth Services Coordinator, at 717-806-1804 or