Danger Club

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What is Danger Club?

If you love science, check out Danger Club! We’ll be doing a different, hands-on experiment or activity each month! Examples include: catapults, robot coding, rockets, and more.

Registration required, limit of 30 participants: please contact the library at 717-786-1336 or library@quarryvillelibrary.org to register, or use our events calendar registration system.

When does it meet?

This club will meet for 45 – 60 minutes on Saturday afternoons. Please check our events calendar for specific dates and times.

What kinds of experiments?

The experiments are pulled from teaching and parenting blogs and websites, as well as from kids’ science books.

What we did in Fall 2017:

September – “Kaleidofoilscope” from Junk Drawer Physics & “Tape Repulsion” from Junk Drawer Chemistry.

October – Paper Airplane Tournament & “Grocery List Tug-of-War” from  Junk Drawer Physics

November – Robots & Coding & Geometry, Oh My! using Ozobots, Cubelets, and Zometools.

December – The Gum Drop Engineering Challenge and “Candy Half-Life” from Junk Drawer Chemistry.

What we did in Spring 2017:

February – We’ll be competing to build the strongest Fettuccine Bridges.

March – We’re doing some Peep Science: dissolving and exploding peeps!

April – We’re gonna learn about Pennsylvania’s animals using Wildlife Kits from the PA Department of Wildlife.

May –  We’ll be Keva Architects this month, trying out a variety of challenges using Keva Planks.

Here’s what we did in Fall 2016:

September – Flying Marshmallows! We will build marshmallow catapults and marshmallow shooters.

October – It’s all about Halloween! If the weather’s nice, we’re going to build some Ghost Rockets, and discover what makes Pop Rocks go, “POP!” If we have time, we’re gonna do some candy chromatography.

November – It’s Nanotech November here at the library, so we’re going to get our hands dirty making Oobleck! If we have time, we’re going to make some green pennies, too.

December – In honor of the Hour of Code, we’ll be practicing our coding skills with Ozobots!