Laws of Motion

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Bricks4Kidz(R) Presents: Laws of Motion

We’ll be building a See Saw with Bricks4Kidz(R)!

This favorite playground fixture is actually a type of lever! It also illustrates Newton’s second law of motion – Force = mass x acceleration. In order to lift the rider on the other end of the see saw off the ground, you need to apply a force equivalent to the weight of the rider you wish to lift. The heavier the rider, the more the force. The faster you want them to go up, the harder you have to push. Playground physics! Vocabulary includes force, mass, acceleration.

Best for ages 7 – 10.

Registration is required for this program. Limit of 50 participants. Please contact Randi Kennedy at or 717-806-1804.

Find out more about Bricks4Kidz(R) on their website.

This program is sponsored by the Library System of Lancaster County.