Making Compost! A Parks and Recreation Event!

Making compost

Thursday, March 30th 2023

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

C. X. Carlson Cultural Room, Patio

If your child or teen is interested in growing food, you can learn how to prepare your plot first! Do you want to learn how to make black gold?  Naturalist Lisa J. Sanchez will help you turn your vegetable scraps, yard waste, coffee grounds and other biodegradable items into usable compost. Properly balancing the browns and greens and choosing the right compost bin for your needs will help speed up the process and improve the compost you make. The homemade compost can then be added to your garden or other plants to help them grow. Best for ages 7+, other family members are welcome. Please register all attendees.  This program may be held outside on our grounds, to be confirmed  closer to event date. Walk-in attendees are welcome if space is available.