Water, Water Everywhere? A Parks and Recreation Program

image of a tree with the Lancaster County Department of Parks & Rec logo

Tuesday, June 21st 2022

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

C. X. Carlson Cultural Room, Library backyard

Ages 5-12, other family members welcome to observe. Younger or older children may participate if space is available.  Children below 8 should be accompanied by caregiver.

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we don’t question access to safe, drinkable water. Library youth will discover the relative amounts of water in various reservoirs on Earth and play a follow-up game to discover how much of that water is safe and accessible for drinking in other areas of the world. The closing activity, a water-carrying relay, will illustrate the struggle to carry water any distance and help children to appreciate challenges in the lives of their peers globally.