New Kids Materials

 New Kids’ Fiction

book cover for time for school little dinosaur by gail herman book cover for supergirl takes off by courtney carbone book cover for quicksand pond by janet taylor lisle book cover for my little pony friends forever vol 9 by christina rice book cover for justice league vol 3 timeless by bryan hitch book cover for brave batgirl by christy webster anna and elsa number 9 anna takes charge as brave as you by jason reynolds berenstain bears read along classics 5 minute inspirational stories stan and jan berenstain brave by svetlana chmakova chicken story time by sandy asher dc super friends shark attack joplin wishing by diane stanley misadventures of max crumbly number 1 locker here by rachel renee russell misadventures of max crumbly number 2 middle school mayhem by rachel renee russell orphan train girl by christina baker kline pete the cat and the tip top tree house by james dean roll by darcy miller secrets i know by kallie george and paola zakimi spirit animals tales of the fallen beasts survivor diaries overboard by terry lynn johnson york the shadow cipher book one by laura ruby book cover for nick the no good icky tick book cover for knifes edge by hope larson: two young men stand at the prow of a wooden sailing ship. book cover for 5 worlds the sand warrior by mark siegel book cover for around the world in a bathtub by wade bradford: a child hides from his mother behind a bathtub, the water in the tub flying up to create a globe shape upon which the title appears in white letters. book cover for the inquisitors tale by adam gidwitz, featuring three children and a white dog. book cover for wolf hollow by lauren wolk: a young child sits between two trees that are made of words. book cover for we are all wonders by r.j. palacio: a child with one blue eye wears a space helmet and a red t-shirt. book cover for three pennies by melanie crowder: a close-up illustration of an owl, with the profile of a person mirrored in one eye and three copper coins mirrored in the other. book cover for marguerite henrys ponies of chincoteague the road home by catherine hapka: a young girl leads a paint poiny in the foreground, while another girl sits in the background. book cover for bubble by steward foster: a blue door with a round porthole window through which a young person with bangs swept over their face peers. book cover for board book off to the beach by childs play: a purple play shovel and red pail on the beach with stylized waves in the background. book cover for beyond the bright sea by lauren wolk: the sun setting over the ocean with the silhouette of a sailing ship in its center. book cover for real friends by shannon hale and leuyen pham: a line up of the cast of the story. book cover for the lotterys plus one by emma donoghue: a brick house with a large family on the porch and in the yard. book cover for the legend of rock paper scissors by adam rex: cartoon representations of rock, paper, and scissors on top of Grecian column pedestals. book cover for super narwhal and jelly jolt by ben clanton: narwhal wearing a yellow cape and jellyfish wearing a yellow mask over his eyes. book cover for princess cora and the crocodile by laura amy schlitz: a young girl wearing a purple dress stands next to a crocodile, with a castle in the background. book cover for pete the cat and the treasure map by james dean: Pete in a red tricorn hat and blue jacket stands a the wheel of a ship. book cover for posted by john david anderson: a blue padlocked school locker covered in multicolored post-it notes. book cover for one trick pony by nathan hale: a child riding a golden robotic pony flees from giant insectoid creatures with golden shining eyes. book cover for bad kitty takes the test by nick bruel: bad kitty sits at a desk with a test in front of him looking surprised. book cover for anywhere farm by phyllis root: an adult and a child hang a sign above a small urban garden book cover for too many carrots by katy hudson: a black and white rabbit sits atop and absurdly large pile of carrots. book cover for bunnys book club by annie silvestro with illustrations by tatjana mai-wyss. A tree decorated with lanterns, beneath which a collection of forest animals are reading. book cover for fair ball by derek jeter. A young man seated on a bench wearing a baseball mitt. Anther young man walks away behind him. book cover for armstrong and charlie by steven b. frank. An animated neighborhood. book cover for bently and egg by william joyce. A Woodland scene with a bunny, a turtle, and a frog. book cover for dragonwatch a fablehaven adventure by brandon mull. A dragon breathing fire into a mage, who is deflecting the fire using a staff.

New Kids’ Non-Fiction

nonfiction can an aardvark bark by melissa stewart nonfiction magnets push magnets pull by david a adler nonfiction milestones of flight from hot air balloons to spaceshipone nonfiction national geographic kids almanac 2018 nonfiction the quest for z the true story of explorer percy fawcett and a lost city in the amazon nonfiction book cover for ultimate space atlas from national geographic kids nonfiction book cover for guiness world records remarkable robots by delphine finnegan: a humanoid robot playing a trumpet next to another circular robot. nonfiction book cover for my awesome summer by p. mantis by paul meisel: a praying mantis stands on a leaf against a blue summer sky nonfiction book cover for totally cool caves and hot volcanoes by janice behrans: a person dressed in cold weather gear walks in a blue cave made of ice. nonfiction book cover for tornado terror I survived true stories by lauren tarshis: a picture of a tornado. nonfiction book cover for strong is the new pretty a celebration of girls being themselves by kate t parker: a young woman in a swim suit and cap. book cover for national geographic kids everything robotics. a white humanoid robot playing a trumpet. book cover for the amazing book of lego star wars nonfiction book cover for i dissent ruth bader ginsberg makes her mark by debbie levy book cover for nonfiction coding projects in scratch by jon woodcock book cover for nonfiction death on the river of doubt theodore roosevelts amazon adventure by samatha seiple book cover for nonfiction grow raise catch how we get our food by shelley rotner book cover for nonfiction guinness world records 2017 gamers edition book cover for nonfiction hooray for veterinarians by kurt waldendorf book cover for nonfiction I got this to gold and beyond by laurie hernandez nonfiction book cover for grover cleveland again by ken burns nonfiction book cover for women in science 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world nonfiction book cover for undefeated jim thorpe and the carlisle indian school football team by steve sheinkin nonfiction book cover for the last word wisdom from the harlem renaissance by nikki grimes book cover for adas ideas ada lovelace the worlds first computer programmer by fiona robinson book cover for a poem for peter by andrea davis pinkney book cover for Toucans Newts book cover komodo dragons book cover Jaguars book cover