New Fiction Titles:

book cover for the red hunter by lisa unger: a misty forest. the leaves on the trees blood red. book cover for testimony by scott turow: a man flees downs a cobblestone street. book cover for since we fell by dennis lehane: the title in blue and green letters on a black background. book cover for same beach next year by dorothea benton frank: two women lounge on wooden beach chairs holding drinks with straws in them. book cover for price of duty by dan brown: a waving american flag composed of binary code, fading in a picture of a Russian Church with bright onion domes. book cover for into the water by paula hawkins: a woman's face obscured by water and plant life. book cover for home a novel by ginny l yttrup: a woman sits on a dock looking out over a lake at sunset. book cover for gwendys button box by stephen king and richard chizmar: a fantasy illustration of a man in a bowler hat book cover for ginny moon a novel by benjamin ludwig: the black silhouette of a person climbs a black ladder, a black bookpage at its feet. book cover for threads of suspicion an evie blackwell cold case by dee henderson: snow falling through bear trees book cover for the woman on the stairs by bernhard schlink: looking up a rickety wooden staircase that wends through a field of dead grass. book cover for the girl who knew too much by amanda quick: an image of a woman looking back over her shoulder. book cover for the beloved hope chest by amy clipston: a young woman in plain dress holding a small bouquet of flowers to her chest. book cover for salty kisses christy and todd the baby years by robin jones gunn: the silhouettes of a family in front of a sunset over the ocean, flanked by palm trees. book cover for jennifer an o malley love story by dee henderson: the profile of a man and a woman looking into the distance. book cover for less than a treason by dana stabenow: a person in a parka walking through a snow covered field book cover for lady in disguise by sandra byrd: a woman in a dark colored gown viewed from behind, standing in a cobbled street. book cover for ill will by dan chaon. Whitewater waves in front of a black background book cover for high stakes by fern michaels. A front stoop decorated with climbing red flowers book cover for if we were villains by m.l. rio. A skull lit by green light. book cover for hey harry hey matilda by rachel hulin. Two people jumping in the air on a beach. book cover for every wild heart by meg donohue. A woman kissing a young girl, who is standing on a stepstool and wearing boots that are too large for her. book cover for city of friends by joanna trollope. Four different front doors in white walls. book cover for dark flood rises by margaret drabble: black text in front of a blue-tinted lake. book cover for close enough to touch by colleen oakley. White blocks stacked up over a blue background. book cover for celine by peter heller. A pair of binoculars on a green background. book cover for because you are mine by colleen coble. A women's red hair blowing in the wind in front of green leaves. book cover for bear town by fredrik backman. A snowy, lakeside village, with people playing hockey on the lake. book cover for anything is possible by elizabeth strout. The silhouette of a forest against a darkening dusk sky book cover for any day now by robyn carr. Pink petals scattered over rock stairs. book cover for an extraordinary union by alyssa cole. A young lovely black woman wearing a pale gown, turned to look behind her as she exits a candle-lit room. book cover for american war a novel by omar el akkad: blue barbed wire across a black background. book cover for a single spy by william christie: a picture of a man surrounding a picture of a building. book cover for a line made by walking by sara baume: a stylized fox leaps across a white background, while a raven pecks at the title lettering. book cover for 16th seduction by james patterson and maxine paetro: a woman in a red gown, her shoulders revealed. book cover for the world to come stories by jim shepard: the text creates a cutout in a black foreground, revealing the sky filled with clouds. book cover for the widows house by carol goodman: a gabled house against a dusky sunset. book cover for the underworld a novel by kevin canty: a panoramic shot of a distant group of buildings at the base of a group of hills. book cover for the twelve lives of samuel hawley by hannah tinti: white text on a back and blue background. book cover for the orphans tale by pam jenoff: the last car of a train, receding into the distance through a winter landscape, bear-branched trees flanking it on both sides. book cover for the lost order by steve berry: two men flanking a broken, golden seal. book cover for the keeper of lost things by ruth hogan: flowers surround the white lettering of the title. book cover for the hearts of men by nickolas butler: A paper doll outfit that looks like a boy scout uniform. book cover for the idiot by elif batuman: a pile of steel wool on a taupe background book cover for the forbidden garden by ellen herrick: pink and white carnations. book cover for the fall of lisa bellow by susan perabo: two young women underwater, one dressed in a green dress and the other in a peach one. The one in green is pulling the other toward the surface. book cover for song of the lion by anne hillerman: a mountain sunset, with a stylized walking mountain lion in the center. book cover for spaceman of bohemia by jaroslav kalfar: a coffee mug with the title inside on the coffee, surrounded by whirling wires and a tiny man in a spacesuit. book cover for pawn a chronicle of the sibyls war by timothy zahn: a space battle. with a small ship attacking a larger one. book cover for say nothing by brad parks: the title letter looms over a violently red landscape. book cover for one with you by sylvia day: two jeweled silver rings, one inset with rubies the other diamonds, stacked together on a white background. book cover for our short history by lauren grodstein: the silhouettes of an adult and child stand on a dock, overlooking a cloud-filled sky, book cover for no one is coming to save us by stephanie powell watts: a tiny green house in the center of an aquamarine background. book cover for the fallen a testament novel by eric van lustbader. A winged silhouette walks through a golden sunlit church. book cover for to the farthest shores by elizabeth camden. A woman garbed in a pale blue dress stands on a rocky shoreline, waves crashing nearby. book cover for the dry by jane harper. Sunset over the prairie. book cover for the chapel car bride by judith miller. A woman holding a ribbon-decorated hat, leaning against the railing of a train car. The train is passing a red-brick depot. book cover for no easy target by iris johansen. A woman hikes through a misty field with a dog. book cover for golden prey by john sandford. Golden streaks decorate the cover. book cover for the stars are fire by anita shreve. A fire sending up ashes into an orange sky.

New Nonfiction Titles:

nonfiction book cover for this fight is our fight by elizabeth warren: Elizabeth Warren in a red jacket stands in front of a blue background. nonfiction book cover for the stranger in the woods by michael l finkel: a mossy forest and a yellow broken down vehicle. nonfiction book cover for the radium girls by kate moore: a green-tinted photo of women wearing garb from early in the 20th century. nonfiction book cover for the american spirit who we are and what we stand for by david mccullough: an american flag flies over a white background. nonfiction book cover for shattered inside hillary clintons doomed campaign: a hand-sized american flag lies on the ground in the foreground. Hillary Clinton's campaign posters can be seen in the background. nonfiction book cover for old school life in the sane lane by billy o reilly: a black and white photo of a teacher in front of a classroom, with Bill O Reilly's face superimposed over one student's head. nonfiction book cover for the humane gardener nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife by nancy lawson: a yellow background with a green plant bordered and birds flying in the center. nonfiction book cover for radical candor be a kick ass boss without losing your humanity by kim scott: a red background with a black x-y axis in the center. nonfiction book cover for frontier country the politics of war in early pennsylvania by patrick spero: a sepia-toned antique map. nonfiction book cover for the sound of gravel by ruth wariner. A Family photo. nonfiction book cover for simply clean by becky rapinchuk: a clean white kitchen nonfiction book cover for she sheds a room of your own by erika kotite: a shed with open French doors. nonfiction book cover for how to make it 25 makers share their secrets by Erin Austen Abbott: several images of people making things. nonfiction book cover for harvest unexpected projects by stefan bittner and alethea harampolis: a leafy green vegetable with dirt in the roots. nonfiction book cover for hallelujah anyway rediscovering mercy by anne lamott: a gold starburst on a salmon background. nonfiction book cover for climate of hope how cities businesses and citizens can save the planet by michael bloomberg and carl pope: the two authors standing in Central Park, NYC. nonfiction book cover for wounded tiger by t. martin bennett nonfiction book cover for ripper the secret life of walter sickert by patricia cornwell book cover for nonfiction norse mythology by neil gaiman book cover for nonfiction one pan and done by molly gilbert book cover for nonfiction the inkblots herman rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing by damion sealsbook cover for nonfiction what we do now standing up for your values in trump's america edited by dennis loy johnson book cover for Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower's Final Mission book cover for Victoria the Queen book cover for The Women of Easter