Outside delivery request (effective July 19, 2020)

This form will assist you in letting us know your preferred time to pick up items.  Thank you for understanding that we are not always able to fulfill same-day requests, and also thank you for waiting for a confirmation before arriving to get your items.

As of July 6, 2020, the county-wide OPAC public library catalog is now available for patrons to directly reserve materials!  You have a few options to receive your items:

  1.  Send a web order form (instructions and form found at the bottom of this page) each time you want to come and pick up items.  This saves time trying to call us during our open hours as our phones may be tied up!  It works well for many patrons who like to take care of their Library needs at hours that meet their convenience.  We are only able to schedule items that are “READY”, and we’ll tell you in the confirmation email how many items are still waiting.  Items in transit are beyond our control, therefore you will need to send us another web order or call to schedule any remaining items.
  2. Set up a ‘recurring scheduled time‘ by contacting us at library@quarryvillelibrary.org to reserve your own personal pickup time!  We’ve piloted this with several families and many have found it a great convenience.  We’ll arrange your pickup time, you mark your calendar, and then every week, you come and pick up whatever we have ready for you.  No orders, no confirmations, no worries!  But if you need an exception (on vacation one week, can’t wait to read that item that just arrived), we’ll add another pickup to your schedule to meet your needs for that date!  This option often allows us to provide more than the five ‘hold’ items at one time, since we check them out to you upon pulling them off our shelves, freeing up space for you to add more item requests in the catalog.  Please indicate your interest by using the field in the web order form,  calling or emailing library@quarryvillelibrary.org if you’d like to learn more or enroll in this recurring scheduled time!
  3. Call us at (717)786-1336 to let us know when you want to come.  Our incoming phone hours are the same as our pickup schedule:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 10-1, Thursday from 3-6.
  4. If we don’t hear from you through any of the above options, we’ll attempt to call you.


Please locate the items you wish to borrow in OPAC (the Library catalog accessible through our website).  You may place holds on up to (5) items.   Please note that Manheim Township and Ephrata Libraries are not guaranteeing delivery of materials at this time.  If the only copy of an item shows these locations, we may not be able to obtain it for you until further notice.

Provide the number of items you are picking up.  This can be determined by looking at your OPAC record while logged in, and counting the number of items with the status displaying the READY message.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE QUARRYVILLE LIBRARY AS THE LOCATION YOU WISH TO PICK UP ITEMS!    We will confirm that we have the same number of items on our hold shelf for you, and then check them out to you, extending your loan for two weeks past the scheduled pickup date.  Then we’ll email you to let you know when to arrive!

Image of library account with three books ready to schedule pickup.


Please note that since items are moving between libraries, materials you’ve reserved in OPAC may come in and display the READY message after we have scheduled your pickup.  While we will attempt to include these items whenever possible, we may not be able to expedite last-minute items, even if they appear ‘READY‘ on the day you are arriving.   We apologize for the inconvenience of having to place an additional order for a subsequent day in those circumstances, and thank you for understanding when this occurs.

Sending your form in before items are READY is fine, as long as you wait for the response from our staff that your pickup has arrived and been scheduled.

If you have questions about our outside pickup, accessing the OPAC catalog, or other ways we may assist you, please call us during the service hours or send an email to library@quarryvillelibrary.org.