Telling Stories: From Idea to Publication

Carol A. Park, author of Banebringer, will lead this three session writing series.  She will explore the creative writing process, from idea generation, to writing and editing, and then preparing for publication.  All sessions will allow for the direction of the discussion to be influenced by the particular needs and questions of the participants.

Session 1: Before you write, July 24 at 6:00 pm

This session will cover the broad topic of idea generation and how to take an idea and prepare it to be turned into a written story.  More specifically, we’ll discuss the types of stories and the importance of identifying what type of story you are writing as well as your genre and/or sub-genre.  We’ll define and discuss outlining vs. discovery writing, the pros and cons of each, identifying where you fit on the spectrum, and finding a style that works for you.

Session 2: Writing and editing, August 28 at 6:00 pm

This session will cover the broad topic of actually writing down and polishing a story.  We’ll discuss the first draft and how it relates to your style of writing as discussed in session one (outlining vs. discovery writing).  We’ll then spend a good bit of time on the various types of editing, including story (or developmental) editing, line editing, and copy editing/proofreading.  We’ll also talk about getting feedback from others and how to use it to improve your story.

Session 3: The road to publication, September 25 at 6:00 pm

This session will cover the broad topic of how to take a polished manuscript and get it published.  We’ll split the time discussing the two major options: traditional publishing and independent (self-) publishing.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of both major options, how to decide which you should pursue based on your personal goals, and how to go about pursuing it once you’ve decided.