Quarryville Library Read-a-thon donation

This event (streamed on Facebook live all day on August 22) is intended to be both a fundraiser and a day of healing for the community.  We have had to cancel all of our other philanthropic events, but we are sensitive to the dreadful challenges many are facing, and hope this event brings comfort and enjoyment.  Yet it’s also possible that some have found themselves less impacted by recent events, and others may even be finding new opportunities.  If you are interested and able to support a reader, an age group, or more, then we’d be grateful if you pledge your support to us today.  Use the form below to designate a pledge that you will send to us by check, or contribute electronically by using the Paypal link at the bottom of this form.  Thank you!


If using Paypal, please indicate Read-a-Thon in your description, and leave a phone number so we can customize your thank-you gift bag!

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