Free Internet Resources

Below is a list of internet resources that may be of interest in the community. These vary from book review websites, to local social services, to resources for searching and researching on the web. Check back, we’re always adding new links!

Featured Link – Lancaster County Joining Forces – fighting the opioid & heroin epidemic.

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Book & Reading Resources

Looking for that next great book? Check out these book review sites!

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Community & Social Services

One-stop shopping for local social services and community support organizations.

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Evaluating Information

There’s a lot of information on the internet and in the media. Here are some resources to help you decide what information sources can be trusted.

  • AllSides – a news aggregator and  that delivers multiple perspectives on any topic to reveal bias, engage users, and connect people for civil conversations.  Includes bias ratings, balanced search engine, guidance for civil conversations across perspectives, etc.
  • CRAAP Criteria for Website Evaluation– CCBC Library
  • Evaluating Resources from the Web – a video by Western University
  • Evaluating Information on the Web – from the University of Arizona University Libraries
  • – resource for finding truth in internet and media rumors and memes.
  • – resource for evaluating statements made by politicians.
  • – resource for evaluating statements made by politicians.

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Free Education Resources & Experiences

There are a wealth of local sites, available for free, that make great family trips.

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Government Information & Statistics

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Health & Medical Resources

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Homeschooling Resources

These are great educational resources, organizations, and tools. Also check out our Resources for Parents page.

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Job and Career Readiness

These are local organizations to help you get ready for your new job or career.

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Library Resources

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 Local & General Interest

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Music Resources

  • Ukulele Uprising – local ukulele group, centered in Lancaster City, and welcoming to all levels of players. Their site features lots of tools for learning how to play the ukulele.
  • Ukulele Underground – a national ukulele group, with educational resources for learning the ukulele.
  • Uketastic – a British blog featuring songs of all levels

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Research on the Web

Search Engines

  • Bing
  • Dogpile
  • Google
  • – a new search engine for students and researchers. Includes a directory of reference sources.
  • Wolfram Alpha – a new internet search engine, described as “a computational knowledge engine,” perfect for STEM-field questions.
  • Yahoo

Biographical Resources


General Reference

Geographical Resources

Social Sciences and History

Literature and Language

Science and Medicine

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