Become a Volunteer!


How to Volunteer

We are excited that you are interested in spending your time volunteering with the Quarryville Library. As you read on, you’ll find we have many opportunities for volunteers. Most of our volunteer positions are for those fourteen years or older, however the very first option listed, Adopt a Shelf, is a good option for those younger than fourteen to pursue with the help of a parent or legal guardian.

After using this page to educate yourself on the kinds of opportunities we have for volunteers you’ll need to submit a volunteer application to the library. If you don’t already have an application you can get one from the library’s circulation desk or by clicking here – Volunteer Application. A library staff member will contact you within a week to discuss the next steps, which vary depending on how you would like to help us.

We accept community service requests to fulfill school, church or civic organization requirements as well as court ordered community service. If this is the reason for your interest in volunteering, we ask that you submit proof of requirement with you volunteer application.

Whatever reason you’ve chosen to volunteer at the library, we want to thank you for taking the time to explore the opportunity that fits you best.

Please see our volunteer handbook for our full list of policies and procedures pertaining to our volunteers.

Adopt a Shelf

  • Description: An incorrectly shelved book is a lost book! Adopt a few of our bookshelves, perhaps in your favorite genre, and help us keep them in order. This is a great opportunity for children under the age of fourteen to volunteer as well as others who are short on time. You can set your own schedule, though we hope to see you at least once a month.
  • Qualifications: The ability to arrange items in alphabetical and numerical order as well as the ability to develop an understanding of the Dewey Decimal system.

Art Committee Member

  • Description: The Art Committee of the Quarryville Library keeps the CX Carlson Cultural Room looking fresh by selecting, hanging and hosting beautiful art shows several times a year. Members of this committee recruit local artists to participate in one to two month long shows, including: painters; photographers; quilters; mixed media artists; and more. They also graciously host an opening reception party for each new exhibit giving viewers a chance to meet and talk to the displaying artist(s).
  • Qualifications: Interest in art, local artists, and promoting the importance of exposure to artistic ideas for all ages in the Southern Lancaster County community.

Board of Trustees Member

  • Description: The Quarryville Library Board of Trustees is tasked with advocating and fundraising for the library. They meet once a month to conduct business and are a policy making board with the ability to make decisions about programs, budgets, and policies.Board members advocate for the library at local municipal meetings, by listening to the community’s needs and concerns, assist in the annual budgeting process, and support and participate in library fundraisers, activities, and programs. Board member terms last three years.
  • Qualifications: Interest in the future of the library and the community. Willingness to learn about the library and its services as well as advocate for them. Ability to devote time to board activities, such as meetings, fundraisers, and appearances at local municipal meetings.

Book Repair Volunteer

  • Description: Our beloved books and videos pass through thousands of hands each year and some of those hands…well some hands are a bit rougher on our materials than others. Book Repair Volunteers help to clean, tape, and glue damaged books so that they can continue to be checked out by the public. These volunteers will work closely with our Collection Development and Acquisitions staff member and have a good deal of flexibility in choosing days and times to volunteer.
  • Qualifications: The ability to learn basic repair procedures for various types of damages. Good manual dexterity and great attention to detail.

Book Store Volunteer

  • Description: The Friends of the Quarryville Library stock, staff, and run a fantastic Used Book Store operation in the library’s lobby. Proceeds from the Book Store provide vital support to the library. Book Store volunteers serve as cashiers in the store. No computer skills or heavy lifting abilities are needed. This is an excellent volunteer opportunity for those who need to sit and who enjoy talking to people. Volunteer shifts are usually two hours long and can occur once a week or once every other week.
  • Qualifications: Friendly personalities who are comfortable doing simple math and handling money.

Friends of the Quarryville Library

  • Description: The Friends of the Quarryville Library are a non-profit organization of community-minded library lovers who conduct fundraising events to support the library’s needs for materials, equipment, programs, and services by volunteering their time for projects, activities, and events. They also sort, box, shelve, and sell the high volume of books and other materials that are donated to the library each week. Although some of the Friends’ jobs may require slightly heavy lifting, they will happily accommodate anyone who is unable to do so.The Friends of the Quarryville Library meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00am, but you don’t have to make the meeting to join the group! When it comes to their great fundraisers (the annual Book Sales, the Yard Sale, the Craft Bazaar, the Bake Sale and more!) they need help at all hours of the day.
  • Qualifications: Interest in the future of the Library and the community. The ability to plan or participate in fundraisers. Great organizational skills, able to work as a team, and advocate for the Library.

Special Events Volunteer

  • Description: We know that even a once-a-month commitment can be too hard with a busy schedule, but maybe you are willing to spare a few hours a year for help during one of our special events? From cashiers at a book sale, to food service at our auction, to greeting guests at our indoor miniature golf course, it takes a village to keep these big events running. Luckily, there are jobs available for all ages and levels of ability. May we put you on our special call list?
  • Qualifications: A willingness to help the library’s fundraisers succeed! If you’re willing to volunteer a little bit of your time we’ll find a job for you!