Quarryville Library Youth Chess Club

chess peiceBased on multiple patron requests, we’re recreating a chess club for kids running from January through March of 2023.  The Quarryville Library Youth Chess Club is designed for chess enthusiasts, new and experienced, from 6-15, for club members gather together to play, teach, and discuss strategy.

We also have a club for adults and teens 16+ on the first Saturday of each month.

Online Chess Resources

Chess Items in our Collection

For Kids & Teens

the amazing bughouse tactics for kids and adults Thinking with Chess Book Cover chess_strategy_for_kids_book_cover book_cover_for _how_to_beat_your_dad_at_chess chess_for_children_book_cover power_chess_for_kids_vol_2_book_cover A_queen_and_her_court chess_from_first_moves_to_checkmate the_kids_book_of_chess beginners_guide_to_playing_chess Power_chess_for_kids opening_moves   how_to_play_good_opening_moves

For Adults

the amazing bughouse tactics for kids and adults DVD cover for The Queen of Katwe the_queen_of_katwe_book_cover logical_chess_move_by_move_book_cover how_to_reassess_your_chess_book_cover Endgame_Bobby_Fischer's_Remarkable_Rise_and_Fall more_chess_openings_traps_and_zaps searching_for_bobby_fischer