Quarryville Strategic Plan

Quarryville Library Strategic Plan Summary and Matrix 2017-2019

Plan Summary

Plan Matrix

2013-2016 Strategic Plan


The Quarryville Library provides the freedom to experience the joy of reading, the discovery of new ideas and the power of knowledge while fulfilling the cultural and social needs of the southern Lancaster County community.


The Quarryville Library is a caring, vibrant community center determined to grow with southern Lancaster County by providing programs and services that meet the changing needs of the community.

Strategic Plan: (All recommendations are subject to available funding.)

Library Staff and Volunteers

  • Recognize, support and maintain to the maximum extent possible the Director and staff, who are the primary assets, the Heart, of the Library
  • Preserve seamless, pro-active, outstanding service by staff and volunteers
  • Expand staff to have more than one staff member on duty at a time
  • Maintain and expand number of outstanding volunteers
  • Improve training for staff and volunteers

Extend Hours of Service

  • Phase I: Open enough hours to meet State standards by opening six hours on Mondays and one additional hour on Saturdays
  • Phase II: Open each day at 9 a.m. and open Friday nights

Maintenance of Existing Building

  • Develop a long-range/I 0- or 20-year plan for the building
  • Include a time line of expected repairs of building and replacement of its appliances
  • Develop a plan for funding those replacements and repairs
  • Improve janitorial services and library appearance

Make Better Use of Existing Space

  • Install top-quality room dividers to make the Carlson Room usable for  simultaneous small meetings or activities
  • Create small conference room in present Carlson Room entryway and set up separate space there for passport services
  • Reexamine current library layout for better efficiency; expand shelf-space, and improve magazine displays
  • Improve appearance and use of entrance hallway
  • Expand parents’ collection space and books (parenting, adoption, special
    needs, etc.)
  • Expand space for inspiration section
  • Explore possibility of setting up coffee shop/cafe/coffee wagon/coffee house


  • Procure more laptop computers for increased, more flexible patron service, including computer classes, job searches, and student research -especially for residents who do not have home computers
  • Provide more tech training for staff and patrons
  • Improve on-site tech support
  • Maintain and expand computer training classes
  • Establish a new Library web-site -cutting-edge, navigable, interesting, etc. Continue to monitor and use improved, easy-to-use software fore-book reading and acquire more e-books (increasing selection [e.g., books for teens and children] and reducing waits)
  • Acquire foreign language learning programs useable from home

Community Center Enhancement and Outreach (Big-time Small Library)

  • Improve Library’s functionality as a major community center/townsquare/village green (see “Make Better Use of Existing Space)
  • Establish a “brand” for the Library and its components as serving ALL of Southern Lancaster County (perhaps something like “QVL: Not Just a
  • Improve PR and marketing to get citizen buy-in
  • Improve outreach to Amish, home-school, special-needs, disabled, senior citizen and Spanish-speaking residents to ascertain and meet their needs Expand types of programs offered
  • Increase number of community group activities and meetings
  • Continue and expand charitable activities (food bank, mitten tree, back-to­school supplies, etc.)
  • Improve outreach to businesses and schools to better meet their needs Maintain and improve passport application service
  • Expand newsletter and its distribution
  • Establish patron lockbox for book pickup


  • Maintain and expand the present collection of books, DVDs, audiobooks, computer games
  • Acquire more children’s classics and history, reference, fiction, local history, young adult and juvenile and adult inspirational books and magazines Acquire popular new books (best-sellers, bios, non-fiction) by street date­Work with County System
  • Acquire more specialty books: Braille, Spanish, large-print, large-print for children
  • Make large-print books and audiobooks more accessible for senior citizens Work with County System to improve book-finding search engine


  • Improve fundraising from all potential sources
  • Charge for more programs/services
  • Increase number of rental activities
  • Establish DVD rental program
  • Solicit bequests in people’s wills and establish an endowment fund
  • Work with Friends of QVL to expand their membership
  • Plan for possible elimination of State funding
  • Explore possible Library auction

Acquire Additional Space

  • Acquire additional space (build, add-on, lease, buy, whatever) to move Friends ofQVL’s book operations (receiving, sorting, storage) out of theunsafe and unhealthy basement to a more suitable above-ground location, where it can be linked to book sales.
  • Enlarge bookstore in new space to make more books available and make more money.

Children’s and Teens’ Programs

  • Maintain and expand all of these
  • Maintain and expand summer reading program
  • Maintain and expand high school tutoring program
  • Expand library tours
  • Improve teaming with schools, including inclusion of kindergartners

Role of Board of Directors

  • Show their faces and participate in Library activities
  • Expand Board membership
  • Provide better training for Board members
  • Publicize Board meetings