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Ed Bonekemper, III to speak on the Myth of the Lost Cause

Join usbook cover for myth of the lost cause on July 6th at 6:30 for a presentation by Civil War author Ed Bonekemper, III.  In his presentation Mr. Bonekemper examines the accuracy of the Myth and how it has affected our perception of slavery, states’ rights, the nature of the Civil War, and the military performance of Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and James Longstreet. He begins by discussing the nature of slavery in 1860, including whether it was a benign and dying institution. The heart of his analysis is whether slavery was the primary cause of secession and the Confederacy’s creation. He does this by examining Federal protection of slavery, slavery demographics, seceding states’ conventions and declarations, their outreach to other slave states, Confederate leaders’ statements, and the Confederacy’s foreign policy, POW policy and rejection of black soldiers. Drawing on decades of research, Bonekemper  then discusses other controversial Myth issues, such as whether the South could have won the Civil War, whether Lee was a great general, whether Grant was a mere “butcher” who won by brute force, whether Longstreet lost Gettysburg for Lee, and whether the North won by waging “total war.”

Bonekemper is the author of six Civil War books, book review editor of the Civil War News and former adjunct military history lecturer at Muhlenberg College. His latest book is The Myth of the Lost Cause: Why the South Fought the Civil War and Why the North Won.