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Quarryville Library Announces Upcoming Maker Fest

Quarryville Library Maker Fest

Calling all artist, crafters, tinkerers, and makers!

The Quarryville Library is holding a Maker Festival this spring, on April 8th, from 11 am – 3 pm.

Meant to showcase local talent and artistry, a maker festival is a collection of people who make things. It doesn’t matter what you make: we want to feature all kinds of makers, from arts and crafts to welding, soldering, digital design, and more. If you have a hobby or talent that you’d like to share with the community, be sure to sign up!

Makers, tinkerers, artists, and craftspeople of all ages and abilities are welcome to display and demonstrate their work at this festival.

Examples of “making” would be: fine arts, like painting, sculpture, or photography; crafters, like knitting, crocheting, beading; tinkerers with machines; digital artists and designers; and more!

Paper entry forms are available now, or you can use our website form. Please sign up or return your form by Friday, March 24.

Please contact Randi Kennedy, 717-806-1804 or rkennedy@quarryvillelibrary.org, with any inquiries.