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NEW Kits Teach Kids about STEM

stack_of_STEM_kitsQuarryville Library would like to announce a new collection: STEM kits for children ages 4-11.

STEM is an acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Math, and the kits are designed to help children learn basic principles in these areas.

This new collection is composed of eleven separate kits, each with a theme. The themes vary: three kits are based on fairy tales, another three are based on folk tales, and several more are more straight-forward, science themes, like motion, buoyancy, and magnets. We’re hoping that these kits will be especially useful to our local homeschooling families.

Here is a list of the kits and their topics.

The new kits can be found with the parenting and education collection, in the children’s area of the library.

Please contact Randi Kennedy at rkennedy@quarryvillelibrary.org or 717-806-1804 with questions.